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Kate interviewed Nigel Lythgoe at the International Emmy Awards in New York on Nov 21 2011. Nigel is the co-creator of Pop Idol (American Idol) entertainment juggernaut with Simon Fuller. He is also a dancer, choreographer, producer, director and on-air personality. Click here for pics.


BT refocuses its Vision For RTS magazine, Television. September, 2010

Virgin relies on boxing clever For RTS magazine, Television. July/August, 2010

From the man who fixed the iPlayer: Freeview 2.0 For RTS magazine, Television. February, 2009

Carter set to deliver broadband britain Published in Cue Entertainment Jan, 2009

Movie star in the making: China's answer to YouTube Published in Technology Guardian November 06, 2008

STV needs devolution For RTS magazine, Television. November, 2008

Hulu aims to outfox rival TV websites Published in Technology Guardian April 24, 2008

Mike Volpi For The Guardian, October 25, 2007

Social scientist: Kate Bulkley meets Joanna Shields Published in The Guardian August 13th, 2007

Philp Rosedale Linden Lab . For Media Guardian, May 17, 2007

Krishnan Ganesh Founder & Chairman, TutorVista.com . For Technology Guardian, April 26, 2007

The format king For The Royal Television Society, March 2007

Ashwin Navin COO of BitTorrent . For Technology Guardian, October 19, 2006

Jim Lanzone Chief Executive of Ask.com. For Technology Guardian, October 5, 2006

Blake Krikorian. Chief Executive of Sling Media. For Technology Guardian, September 14,2006

Rob Glaser. Chief Executive of Real Networks. For Technology Guardian, May 2006

Sky’s New broom For the RTS Magazine, June 2006

Moshe Lichtman. Microsoft. For Digital News, April 2005

Chris Deering. Sony. For Digital News, April 2005

Roger Lynch. CEO of Home Choice. For Digital News, April 2005

Andre Kudelski. CEO of Kudelski Group. For Digital News, February 2005

Richard Freudenstein. Chief Operating Officer at BSkyB. For Digital News, December 2004

Carolyn Fairbairn. Director of Strategy for the BBC. For Digital News, October 2004

Abe Peled. CEO NDS. For Digital News, June 2003 issue

Tessa Jowell. UK Secretary for Media, Culture and Sport. For Digital News, March 26th 2003

Adam Singer. Non-Executive Director of SMG (Scottish Media Group). For Digital News, March 13, 2003

Richard Burrell. QVC Director of Engineering. For Digital News, Feb 2003

Peter MacAvock. DVB Executive Director. For Digital News At IBC, Sept 2002

Simon Hochhauser. CEO Video Networks. For Digital News, Jun 2002

Barry Cox. Chairman, Digital Stakeholders group. For Digital News, Apr 2002

Stephen Carter. MD and COO, NTL UK & Ireland. For Digital News, Jul 2001

Chris Smith. Culture, Media & Sport Secretary. For Digital News, Dec 2000

John Swingewood. Director of New Media at BSkyB. For Digital News, Sept 2000

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