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Swashbuckling Hero Who Inspired Indiana Jones Set for TV Series

By Kate Bulkley

Hollywood Reporter

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For MIPTV April 02, 2012

Sonar Entertainment and Ecosse Films team up for a $30 million action-adventure show based on the Allan Quatermain books.

Courtesy: Paramount

A development deal unveiled today at MIPTV will see Allan Quatermain, the swash-buckling character from the 1880s who inspired Indiana Jones become the subject of a new 10-part, $30 million series.

The project is a joint venture between Sonar Entertainment and Ecosse Films (Camelot, Monarch of the Glen). Writers Richard Kurti and Bez Doyle (Going Postal) are already signed up.

“It’s an incredible character from a range of best selling books,” Stewart Till, CEO of Sonar Entertainment, told THR. “I read all the books as a child and it is something that many Brits have grown up with. It’s also the kind of high-concept adventure that broadcasters are looking for.”

No talent is yet on board but Till says he has some in mind. “There are many British male actors in their early 30s who could play this rugged adventurer.” He expects the script to be written in the next two to three months and the projected budget is around $3 million per one-hour episode.

With plans to shoot in Africa, Till believes the subject matter and rich story lines will make putting together the production financing easier than most.

“It is in exotic settings with lost tribes and treasures and African superstitions and big adventures, so its got everything,” said Till.

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