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Kate moderated two keynotes and two panels at this year's Mipcom market in Cannes France. See below for more info http://www.mipworld.com/RM/RM_Mip/PDF/Conferences/2009/mipcom2009_full_conference_programme.pdf (page 16).

Wednesday Oct 7th

at 9.30-10.00

Insiders View from Outside In:

How TV is Changing in the Connected World or How to Avoid the Mistakes of the Music Business?

Mika Salmi, Former President, Global Digital Media, Viacom/ MTV Networks & Chairman, Sulake (Habbo)

Interviewed by: Kate Bulkley, Media Commentator and Journalist

Grand Auditorium, Level 1

Kate Bulkley and Mika Salmi at Mipcom 2009

Kate Bulkley and Mika Salmi at Mipcom 2009

Mika Salmi recently left Viacom/MTV Networks where he was the key proponent of the "thousand front doors strategy" to give individual TV shows Web presence and also expanding the company's social networking efforts. He came to Viacom as part of its $200 million acquisition of Atom Entertainment, itself a merger of AtomFilms.com, which Salmi founded, and Shockwave .com. Salmi straddles both technology and content and he will be discussing with Journalist Kate Bulkley some of the pitfalls and opportunities he sees ahead.

Wednesday Oct 7th

at 10.50-11.50

What is the Impact of Connected Entertainment on the Television Industry?

Esterel, Level 5

The TV is no longer a standalone device in the corner of the lounge. Increasingly the TV is connected to the Internet, opening the TV screen up to the World Wide Web. Broadcasters and the Pay TV operators are being joined by new players like Yahoo!, XBox and Hulu.com in the bid for people's attention. Connected entertainment brings new opportunities for building viewer interactivity and loyalty but it also means there is more competition for valuable leisure time. How are the players involved coping with the new connected world?


Kate Bulkey, Media Commentator & Journalist


Shirlene Chandrapal, EU Director, Connected TV, Yahoo! Inc

Stuart Collingwood, Vice President EMEA, Sling Media

Joel Hyatt, Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Current TV

Willem Verbiest, Vice President, MultiMedia Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent

Wednesday at 12.00-13.00

Pay TV vs Online Video: How are Pay TV Services Dealing with the Threat from Web Video Services?

Esterel, Level 5

Sites like YouTube and Tudou.com (China) have been joined by more sophisticated Web video services like Hulu.com and TV.com as Web-delivered video becomes the "new television". So how are the traditional Pay TV companies coping with video from outside their own EPGs?


Kate Bulkley, Media Commentator & Journalist


Richard Halton, Programme Director IPTV, Project Canvas, BBC

Dr. Joo-Sik Lee, Executive Vice President of Network Division, SK Broadband & CEO, SK Broadband Media

Kevin MacLellan, President, Comcast International Media Group Stephen Nuttall, Commercial Group Director, BSkyB

Régis Saint Girons, Senior Vice President Sales and Professional Services, OpenTV Europe & Founding Member of the HbbTV Group

Thursday 8th October

at 10.15-10.45


Multiplatform Entertainment:

How to Monetize Content When the Game has Changed?

Javier Perez Dolset, President & CEO, Zed Worldwide

Interviewed by: Kate Bulkley, Journalist & Media Commentator

Auditorium A, Level 3

The rules of the game have changed. Content will remain king but how to make money out of it when advertising revenue shrinks, piracy grows and follow-the-free is becoming a paradigm for both Mobile and Internet platforms? Many consolidated players are struggling to survive in a new environment where scale and global franchisees are no longer enough.People want to watch, play, talk, learn, share and compete no matter whether they are at home or on the move, and whatever the technology behind the different devices. Multiplatform digital entertainment is here to stay and requires a different approach. Come and discover how a global player like Zed builds 360º digital plans around top–tier content worldwide


Kate moderated a keynote session on the future for broadcast journalism at this year's IBC in Amsterdam on 12 September. See below for details or go to www.ibc.org

Closing keynote: Is the broadcasting journalist a threatened species?

Conference Streams: Technology Advancements Content Creation and Innovation

Date/Time: 12 Sep 2009 17:30-18:30

Chair: Kate Bulkley Freelance Business Journalist UNITED KINGDOM


James Baker, General Manager, Current TV, UNITED KINGDOM

Andrew Hawken, Editorial Director, Online, Sky, UNITED KINGDOM

Sarfraz Manzoor, Journalist, The Guardian, UNITED KINGDOM

Vir Sanghvi, Editorial Director of the Hindustan Times

Raymond Snoddy, Freelance Journalist, Media commentator, UNITED KINGDOM

Session Details:

On the one hand, news is seen as a defining characteristic of television, whether it is creating the identity of a local station in a crowded market or one of the great trusted international brands like Al Jazeera, BBC or CNN.

And on the other hand there is the rapid growth of user-generated content and the world where we are all journalists. Is there a need for real journalism any more? Is there a business model to pay for high quality, impartial news gathering? We are already seeing the rapid decline of the newspaper industry: will the same happen to television news?

Deborah Rayner, managing editor of CNN International, sets out the case for broadcast journalism in a keynote. She will then be joined by James Baker of Current TV - a business founded by former vice president Al Gore which encourages and relies upon user-generated content – and other leading print, online and broadcast journalists in a panel debate.

This is about more than just the nightly news: it goes to the very heart of the broadcasting industry. Make sure your voice is heard.

IBC 2009


Kate moderated at MEM on Day Two.

Wednesday 24th June 2009

For more information and agenda: http://www.mem09.com/


Kate moderated at the Korean Communications Conference

June 17 & 18th in Seoul Korea

For more information: www.koreacomm.org/


Kate Chaired Day 2 of the Delivering Digital Britian Conference

Thursday, 11th June 2009

For more information and the schedule for the day: www.emapconferences.co.uk/digitalbritain/


Kate in her 3d glasses

Kate in her 3d glasses

Kate chaired "3D TV: A Glimpse into the Future"

Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London, W1G 9DT

Thursday, 4th June 2009


Gerry O’Sullivan, Director of Strategic Product Development, BSkyB

Bob Mayson, Managing Director, RealD Europe

Tom Morrod, Head of TV Technology, Screen Digest

Vicki Betihavas, Producer, Nineteen Fifteen

Colin Smith, Technical Analyst, ITV Interactive


Kate Bulkley, Freelance Journalist

High definition TV is now almost considered old hat: the new, big thing is 3D TV and it’s no longer a wonky experiment but something that everyone from ITV and the BBC to Sky are serious about.

Come to the first UK public demonstration of 3D and see 3D TV material. Hear from those on the cutting edge: what does 3D mean for the producer, the broadcaster and the viewer? What implications are there for the business of television? How soon will we see 3D without putting on those wonky paper glasses?

No matter what aspect of TV you work in, this event is essential to take your understanding of 3D to the next dimension.

For more information click here.


Kate moderated at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes, France

March 30-April 03 2009





For more information: http://www.mipworld.com/en/MIPTV/


Kate moderated at this this year's Cable Congress in Berlin

March 18-20 2009

For more information: http://www.cablecongress.com/

March 18th:

11:00 to 12:15 am

A View From The Top - Monetising Content In The Digital Age


Mike Fries, President & Chief Executive Of?cer, Liberty Global

Parm Sandhu, Chief Executive Of?cer, Unitymedia

Rich Ross, President, Disney Channels Worldwide

John Smith, Chief Executive, BBC Worldwide

Mike Volpi, Chief Executive Officer, Joost


Kate Bulkley, Freelance Journalist

March 20

14:30 to 15:40 pm

Innovation Strategies


Olivier Gérolami, Chief Operating Of?cer, Numericable

Marcus Englert,Executive Board Member, ProSiebenSat.1

Marcel Nijhoff, Chief Commercial Officer, Ziggo

Tom Rogers, President & Chief Executive Officer, TiVo Inc.


Kate Bulkley, Freelance Journalist

In cooperation with ACT

Companies that do not innovate lose their competitive edge. This is especially true in the fast moving world of digital entertainment, broadband internet and telecom services. How are cable operators and content players addressing innovation in their organisation? Do these industries in?uence and cross-fertilise each other’s innovation process? Is there room for inceased capital spending and R & D in today’s distressed market? Is service innovation the central focus or is technological innovation leading the way forward? What is making HD, interactive advertising and VOD successful or will the real benefit of technology be in enhanced customer relationship management?


Kate chaired the Changing Broadcast Summit for The Guardian.

November 10 2008


Kate interviews Andy Duncan, CEO of Channel 4

Kate interviews Andy Duncan, CEO of Channel 4

Kate interviews Mike Darcey, COO BSkyB

Kate interviews Mike Darcey, COO BSkyB

Kate at the Summit

Kate at the Summit


Kate moderated two panels at the Guardian's Create in China conference in London on Oct 22, 2008.The conference was at the British Museum, London

Kate moderated the Regulatory View Panel with Wei Ping, vice president, China International Televisiion Corp & Huang Yong, DG Development Research Centre SARFT

Kate also moderated a panel on Digital China with:Neil Ducray, MD Touch Media; Dan Mintz, founder ad CEO DMG; David Pattison, CEO i-level; Ding Yi, CEO Guo TV; & Tan Zhi, CEO Focus Media

For more information see http://www.guardian.co.uk/createinchina.

Programme PDF available here: http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-files/Media/documents/2008/09/16/Programme-Sep.pdf.

From the Media Guardian Create in China Conference, October 2008

From the Media Guardian Create in China Conference, October 2008

From the Media Guardian Create in China Conference, October 2008

From the Media Guardian Create in China Conference, October 2008

From the Media Guardian Create in China Conference, October 2008

From the Media Guardian Create in China Conference, October 2008


Kate moderated the Mipcom Jr Keynote on Sunday 12 October by Cyma Zarghami, President of Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group (US)




Sunday 12 October: 16.45 – 17.30

Grand Salon, Carlton Hotel


Cyma Zarghami, President of Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group (US)

Interviewed by:

Kate Bulkley, Journalist (UK)P>

It may be hard to believe, but Nickelodeon will celebrate its 30th year of entertaining kids in 2009. From its beginning as very small US-based channel, to its position today as the leading kids' entertainment brand with 52 channels, 72 websites and 16 mobile services globally, Nick's mission remains focused on connecting kids to their world and one another through entertainment. Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group President Cyma Zarghami is one of the leading architects of the Nickelodeon philosophy, and has led the brand to its current position as the number-one cable network in the United States for the 14th straight year. Ms. Zarghami discussed how Nickelodeon's core brand attributes and ability to create multiple hit properties for localized audiences has resulted in a truly global brand that celebrates all that is similar and unique about kids around the world.


Under Ms. Zarghami’s leadership, Nickelodeon has been the number-one-rated cable network in the United States for 14 straight years and has been the pre-eminent producer of original content for kids across all entertainment platforms, from animated mega hits SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora, the Explorer to live action tween hits iCarly and Zoey 101 and major events such as the Kids’ Choice Awards. She oversees all business operations for its divisions, including: Nickelodeon and Nick at Nite; Noggin; The N; Nicktoons Network; Nick Movies; Nickelodeon’s consumer products, magazine and recreation businesses; and Nickelodeon’s growing portfolio of digital properties including all of the Nickelodeon branded websites, Neopets, Shockwave, AddictingGames, ParentsConnect, and Quizilla. She has expanded the brand through the launch of hotels, theme parks and a new multi-year partnership with Sony Music Label Group.


At Mipcom TV Market October 13 to 17 2008 Cannes, France

Kate moderated the morning of the Broadband Video Summit on Wednesday October 15

Highlights include:

A keynote address by Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube.

Venue: Grand Auditorium


Venue: Grand Auditorium

Broadband entertainment is all about making attractive content available to users. There is a land grab going on as content aggregation sites like blinkbox.com race to put together the best sites to attract viewers, users, and advertisers, and therefore more and better content. YouTube still tops the charts in overall video views but others are making deals with broadcasters and producers and carving out their own particular niches. Meanwhile, broadcasters and producers are spreading their bets, backing their own sites (like hulu.com and Kangaroo in the UK) as well as syndicating content to others.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist


Michael Comish, CEO blinkBox Entertainment Ltd

Henrik Werdelin, Chief Creative Officer, Joost

Mark Zaleski, CEO, Dailymotion


Mipcom TV Market October 13 to 17 2008 Cannes, France

Mipcom TV Market October 13 to 17 2008 Cannes, France

THE BIG INTERVIEW: The Shipping Forecast: the Future of the BBC in the Digital Age

Venue: Grand Auditorium

Erik Huggers spoke to Kate Bulkley about his vision for the future and key challenges facing the BBC as a broadcaster in the digital age – as the fragmentation of audiences accelerates and convergence becomes a reality. He also shared his vision on the wider global markets, and what media companies must do to evolve and flourish for the benefit of audiences and consumers alike.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist


Erik Huggers, Director of BBC Future Media & Technology and a member of the BBC's Executive Board

Mipcom TV Market October 13 to 17 2008 Cannes, France Kate Bulkley and Erik Huggers

Mipcom TV Market October 13 to 17 2008 Cannes, France. Kate Bulkley and Erik Huggers



Venue:Grand Auditorium

Content is increasingly being created for broadband sites, both professionally and from consumers themselves. But the nascent business is moving beyond the original YouTube model as producers and traditional media look to create content that works on the Web and has a workable business model. Content platforms that offer guidance in how to create and syndicate online content are springing up and producers – both from traditional TV and film- are looking to revamp what they do for the broadband world.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist


Doug Miller, Global Advertising and Distribution, The Tornante Company, LLC – Vuguru

Neeraj Roy, Managing Director & CEO, Hungama Mobile

Claire Tavernier, Senior Executive Vice-President, FMX, FremantleMedia Ltd

Kate at Mipcom 2008

Kate at Mipcom 2008


Kate moderated at CTAM Europe 25-26 September 2008 in Berlin, Germany

How To Win The Video War In The Changing Landscape: High-end video products and strategies used to gain and keep subscribers Providing content for customers that is relevant and desirable is now only half the battle. That content also has to be available to subscribers whenever and wherever they want it. This panel will focus on how cable operators in a number of different markets position their video products to satisfy customer needs — while supporting company growth and financial goals.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist


Benny Salaets, Director Media Projects, Telenet

Yves Padrines, vice president business development NDS France

Damien Read, VP Marketing Video, UPC NL

George Stomeyer , VP service provider video Scientific Atlanta/Cisco

Asanga Gunatillaka, Head of TV strategy Virgin Media

CTAM conference 25-26th September Berlin, Germany Photo courtesy of CTAM

CTAM conference 25-26th September Berlin, Germany Photo courtesy of CTAM


Kate moderated the Beating the Copycats - How to Protect TV Formats session at the BCCW 2008 conference and exhibition organised by the Korean Broadcasting Institute in Seoul, Korea on Sept 3, 2008.

Her panelists included:

Jonathan Coad, Co-founder of the IFLA, UK

James Ross, Regional Directr Granada International, Hong Kong

Jeeyoun Shin, patent attorney Korea Institute of Intellectual Property, Korea

Yoon-Kyung Chung, Professor, Soonchunhyang University, Korea



Kate moderated two sessions at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival Edinburgh, Scotland August 21- 24 2008

Kate moderated a session on VOD on Saturday and also a session on BBC Worldwide on Sunday. For more information see this link and below

The Rise and Rise of VOD

In 2008 the iPlayer and Video on Demand has finally hit the mainstream. It promises to revolutionise the way viewers watch their programmes - rendering the traditional schedule a historic relic. This panel session explored the rise of video on demand in the UK, hearing from experts from the industry as well as cynics and perhaps even the viewing audience. For the broadcasters and producers, this session aimed to help you understand new viewing behaviour and the impact on ratings.

23 August 2008




The Fintry


Peter Cowley, Managing Director, Digital Media, Endemol Entertainment UK

Assistant Producer:

Lewis Georgeson, Development Producer, Endemol UK


Kate Bulkley, Journalist, Freelance


Ashley Highfield, Chief Executive Officer, Kangaroo

Debbie Manners, Group Commercial Director, RDF Media Group

Nigel Walley, Managing Director, Decipher Consultancy Ltd

Simon Nelson, Controller of Portfolio & Multimedia, BBC Vision

24 August 2008


Is BBC Worldwide taking over the world? Having bought Lonely Planet, opened offices from Melbourne to Mumbai, invested in indies and now making its own shows, it's come a long way from simply selling old programmes. But do these commercial, risk-taking activities threaten to undermine the BBC brand? BBC Worldwide responded to these questions and put into context its role around the world. Alex Graham of Wall to Wall and PACT and Tony Elliott of Time Out also gave their perspective.

Click here for a video of the session.




The Moorfoot & Kilsyth


Alistair Pegg, Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, Channel 4

Christina Willoughby, Head of International Sales & Promotions, Channel 4 International


Kate Bulkley, Journalist, Freelance


David Moody, Director of Strategy, BBC Worldwide

Alex Graham, CEO Wall to Wall (Part of Shed Media)

Tony Elliott, Chairman, Time Out

Click here for a video of the session


Kate Moderated at the Showcomotion conference in Sheffield on July 3 2008

2–3pm The Future of Kids’ PSB

Question Time: quiz the broadcasters, regulators and campaigners about the future.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist


Anne Brogan, Director, Kindle Entertainment & Executive Committee Member, Save Kids’ TV

Richard Deverell, Controller BBC Children’s

Adam Minns, Head of Policy Development PACT

Huw Rossiter, Director of Communications, S4C

James Thickett, Director of Research, Ofcom

Janey Walker, Head of Education and Managing Editor Commissioning, Channel 4

Produced by:

Greg Childs, Director, Childseye Consulting


Kate moderated Day Two (May 22 Thursday) of the Thinking Digital conference May 21-23, 2008 in Gateshead, England

For more information click here.


Kate Chaired the Keynote session on Day One of the Mobile Entertainment Market (MEM) conference at the Hotel Palais Stephanie in Cannes France May 8-9 2008. She conducted one on one interviews as well as running the opening panel.

Chairman's Opening Remarks


Patrick Parodi, Global Chair, MEF & CMO, Amobee

Keynote Solo Interviews Led by: Kate Bulkley

Our keynote interviewees explored how entertainment on mobile is becoming a richer experience. They outlined how they saw mobile entertainment services developing in the future and addressed the critical success factors for market growth, including creating a good user experience, developing good business models and ensuring a good regulatory framework.

Allistair Mitchell, Vice President, Multimedia Integration, Research In Motion Limited and ex-CEO of Pure Tracks


Lee Fenton, COO, Jamba




Keynote panel


Exploring the shifting boundaries of the web, TV and mobile, and discussing the opportunities for advertisers, broadcasters and content providers in the mobile industry.


Yves Confalonieri, General Director, Mediaset

Matthew Postgate, Controller of Mobile, BBC

See the website: Click here.

Click here to read a blog about the conference.


ON Thursday 10th April At MipTV

Social Networks: A New Channel for Creativity

This panel discussion examined the new opportunities which now exist for creators and distributors of content. MySpace is leading the charge in commissioning new types of original content for its users, from a user-generated feature film, to Hammer Films' first horror movie in 30 years. We discuss the appetite for this new style of programming and look at how the web is challenging traditional distribution models.



Kate BULKLEY, (Journalist and Media Commentator)


Simon Oakes, Chairman & CEO, Hammer Films

Allan Niblo, Producer of Faintheart & Managing Director, Vertigo Films

Patrick Juarez, General Manager, Intuition Media-Films


ON Wednesday 9 April Kate chaired the TELCO - MEDIA CONVERGENCE KEYNOTE with Didier Lombard, Chairman & CEO, France Telecom Group (France)

"Inventing a New Media TV Experience"

Didier Lombard presented his vision of France Telecom-Orange's strategy in the audiovisual sector through its "TV Everywhere" service. This draws on the group's technological and marketing innovations to offer television "wherever, whenever" available across all screens, with on-demand content, interactive services and personalised advertising.

Didier Lombard

Interviewed by

Kate BULKLEY (Journalist and Media Commentator)


Didier Lombard (Chairman & CEO, France Telecom Group)


Kate chaired the MediaGuardian Changing Broadcast Summit Oct 31, 2007 at Rich Mix, London

8.15 Registration and coffee

9.00 Introduction by the chair

Kate Bulkley, journalist, writer, presenter

9.10 Keynote addresses

Digital broadcast strategies Terrestrial, digital, multi-channel,multi-platform

Michael Grade, CEO and Chairman of ITV Plc makes a point at MediaGuardian Changing Broadcasting Summit
(Photo courtesy of Martin Cooke)

Michael Grade, CEO and Chairman of ITV Plc makes a point at MediaGuardian Changing Broadcasting Summit (Photo courtesy of Martin Cooke)

9.10 Michael Grade, executive chairman, ITV

9.35 Jana Bennett, director, BBC Vision

10.00 Neil Berkett, acting CEO, Virgin Media

10.25 Question and answer

10.35 Morning break

10.55 Threats and opportunities: The financial realities of the television industry

Nick Mayberry, head of media, Barclays Bank

11.15 Panel session

Broadcaster commissioning strategies

Moderator: Steve Hewlett, consultant and journalist

Kevin Lygo, director of television, Channel 4

Lisa Opie, director of content, Five

Richard Woolfe, controller, Sky One, Two and Three

Simon Shaps, director of television, ITV

12.15 Ofcom digital dividend review

Philip Rutnam, board member and partner, Spectrum policy, Ofcom

12.40 Lunch

13.40 Business and technology solutions for the future face of broadcasting

Moderator: Matt Wells, head of audio, the Guardian

Suranga Chandratillake, founder & CEO, blinkx

Broadcasting technology, content and business models

14.00 HD panel

Moderator: Chris Lawrence, principal consultant, Siemens Global Media Consulting Group

Seetha Kumar, head of HD TV, BBC

Dan Brooke, general manager, Discovery Networks UK

Cassian Harrison, executive director, Lion TV

Stephen van Rooyen, director of product management, BSkyB

14.40 Mobile TV panel

Moderator: Mark Watkins, director, mobile media solutions, National Grid Wireless

Markus Otte, mobile product manager, VoD and mobile TV, MTV Networks Europe

Melissa Goodwin, head of mobile, ITV

Stephen Nuttall, director, commercial group, BSkyB

15.20 IPTV panel

Moderator: Arash Amel, senior analyst, broadband digital media, Screen Digest

Ade Thomas, managing director, Green TV

Alex Mahon, managing director, Shine

Annelies van den Belt, managing director, broadband, ITV

Ashley Highfield, director, future media and technology, BBC

16.00 Afternoon break

16.20 On-demand, on the money Understanding the future of TV consumption

Richard Ayers, editorial development director, Magic Lantern

16.40 MediaGuardian debate

Broadcasting in the digital age: The death of TV or the birth of a new age?

Moderator: David Docherty, CEO, Chart Show TV

David Abraham, CEO, UKTV

Mark Goldman, chief operating officer, Current TV

17.15 Closing keynote An international perspective on the future of TV

Greg Ricca, president & CEO, Discovery Networks International

17.40 Chair’s closing remarks


Kate Chaired the am session at Mipcom in Cannes Wednesday Oct 10, 2007. It began with a keynote by Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost followed by two panels.

Click here to view a video stream of the keynote.

10:50 to 11:50 am at Esterel room, in the Palais, Cannes, France

Superpanel- The Distribution Platforms

Click here to view a video stream of the panel.

TV is no longer simply about the airwaves. Many of the companies formerly known as telephone companies have expanded their portfolio and have spent in some cases billions to upgrade their networks to deliver video as well as their more traditional voice and broadband products. But even as these IPTV networks are starting to grow, other companies are using the open internet to deliver programmes and entire streamed channels to audiences. Joost and Babelgum -and many others- are vying to be the new delivery platforms for video content. What are the differences in their delivery and interactive capabilities and techniques for programmers and how do the business models compare?


Kate BULKLEY (Journalist & Presenter, KG Bulkley)


Gilles BIANROSA (CEO, Azureus)

Patrick WALKER (Head of Partnerships, You Tube EMEA)

Adam BERREY (VP, Marketing & Strategy, Brightcove)

Simon DANKER (Director of Diigital Media, BBC Worldwide)

Jonathan SYKES (Managing Director Content Strategy, Tiscali)

panel 2 12 noon to 13:00 Esterel room, Palais, Cannes, France

Superpanel: Distribution Strategies for Major Media Owners

Click here to view a video stream of the panel.

Exclusive or not? Where do you license your content in the fast-changing broadband and IPTV delivery environment? Studios and programmers are trying out a host of different strategies from launching their own platforms (see NBC Universal and Fox) or teaming up with established sites form MySpace to YouTube to licensing to telco TV operators like Tiscali, BT Vision and Orange. What have been the results so far? What are customers using - downloads or streamed services? What revenue sharing seals are programmers and network operators willing to strike? Is ad-supported content the way to go for content? As exploitation windows get closer, how does this effect the money to be made from telco TV and platforms like Joost and Babelgum?


Kate BULKLEY (Journalist & Presenter, KG Bulkley)


Tom TOUMAZIS (EVP and Managing Director, Disney-ABC International Television, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Canada)

John MCMAHON (President and Managing Director, Europe, Sony Pictures Television International)

Mika SALMI (President, Global Digital Media, MTV Networks International)

Kevin MACLELLAN (President, Comcast International Media Group)

Jeff BERMAN (GM/ SVP MySpace TV & Public Affairs, MySpace)


Kate Chaired the Royal Television Society's 24 September 2007: Beyond Ad Funded Programming

Getting To The Next Level

Advertiser Funded Programming (AFP) is a great and simple idea. Brands are seeking different and more engaging ways to interact with TV viewers and have money to spend. Broadcasters are facing challenges to their traditional advertising revenue and looking for new ways of funding their programming ambitions. So do we have AFP programmes ready to hit the terrestrial channels? What's happening outside the UK? Everyone - brands, commissioners, inde and in-house producers - say they want to see a step change in how brands and broadcasters work together. What will make it happen?


Kate Bulkley, media journalist and columnist (replaced Tess Alps, Chief Executive, Thinkbox due to illness)


Nicky Buss: Advertiser Development Director, ITV

Kate Marsh: Head of Entertainment – Europe, GroupM

Paul Moreton: Channel Head, UKTV Food & UKTV Bright Ideas

John Nolan: Head of Commercial & Digital Content, N One, North One Television


Kate chaired Broadcast Magazine's 360 Content conference on 18 September 2007


Kate Bulkley, media journalist and columnist


Gary Carter, President, Creative Networks and Chief Creative Officer, FMX, FREMANTLE MEDIA

Simon Calver, CEO, LOVEFILM Zad Rogers, Creative Director, RDF DIGITAL

Sarah Rose, Head of Channel & VOD Development, CHANNEL 4

Tony Martin, Senior Vice President, ROO MEDIA EUROPE

Adam Gee, Commissioning Editor, New Media, CHANNEL 4

Elaine Bedell, Controller, Entertainment, Multi - Platform Commissioning, BBC VISION

Richard Godfrey, SVP Music and Production, MTV UK & IRELAND

and many more.


Kate chaired several sessions at the 2007 IBC in Amsterdam Sept 6-11, 2007

RAI Centre in Amsterdam

On Friday Sept 7: Opening Session in the Forum entitled: Buy or be bought! Does convergence mean consolidation?

On Saturday Sept 8: Opening Session in the Forum 9:30 - 11:00 am entitled Digital Lifestyles: Service and Delivery Options

On Saturday Sept 8: in Room L from 11:30 to 13:00 entitled: Are you Being YouTubed?

See below for more details:

Friday Sept 7 at 9:30 to 11:30 am

Theme: Shrinking World, Growing Markets, Global Business’.

Session: Buy or be bought! Does convergence mean consolidation?

Chaired by:

Kate Bulkley, Media Journalist

Keynote address:

Steven Abraham, Global Leader, Media/Entertainment Industry, IBM Global Business Services


Brian Levy, Worldwide VP & CTO HP

Nick Fielibert, VP & CTO Scientific Atlanta

Jean -Charles Hourcade, CTO Thomson

Dave Dougall, Vice President, EMEA, Harris

Stephen Pumple, Chair and CEO, Azcar Technologies

Tom McVeigh, CTO ESPN Star Singapore

Charles Jablonsky, Consultant former NBC CTO

Manlio Cruciatti, CTO, Mediaset. (to be confirmed)

Simon Spanswick, CEO, Association of International Broadcasters


Roger Crumpton, CEO International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers - representing broadcasting and media technology suppliers worldwide

In this highly participative open session they tackled the globalisation of technology and technology companies.

More than half of the broadcast and media technology market is served by just ten global companies. Are their current mergers and acquisitions driven by global expansion dreams or local efficiency needs? Is there a place for niche suppliers and how does consolidation impact customers? How does technology convergence influence change? Do content companies know how to specify and implement their requirements? How do suppliers support complex interoperable environments?

They tackled all these issues and the bigger question: whether to implement your own technology infrastructure or outsource it to a specialist provider.

Saturday Sept 8 at 9:30 to 11:00

THEME: Digital lifestyles - media to your home or on the move

Digital lifestyles: service and delivery choices

Chaired by:

Kate Bulkley, Media Journalist

This introductory session explored how the lifestyle is becoming more connected in the 21st century digital world. The speakers reviewed the growing impact on consumers of the internet, mobility, interactivity and content.


Jean-Charles Hourcade, Thomson, USA

Stuart Collingwood, Vice President of Europe, UK

Reo Youngdae Kim, Darim, USA


Mike Short, 02

Saturday Sept 8 at 11:30 to 1:00pm

Room L

Are You being You Tubed?

The rise of user-generated content - what is the impact on TV professionals?

User-generated content is the latest web phenomenon, with sites like YouTube, MySpace and Oh My News attracting billions of users and sky-high valuations. Its influence is spreading fast into broadcast television. After suing Google (the owner of YouTube) for $1 billion earlier this year for infringing copyright, media giant Viacom has paired with NBC to launch its own version of YouTube. TV news programmes are beginning to incorporate UGC into newscasts and a new TV channel backed by former US vice president Al Gore - Current TV - boasts at least a third of its output comes from "users".

This session, chaired by journalist Kate Bulkley, asked how business models stack up in the fast-evolving world of broadband-delivered video? Who is out in front? Can exploiting synergies between online and broadcast turn "hits" into profits? The television landscape is being transformed as people spend more time online. How do broadcasters embrace the new reality of the web that has given a voice and a camera to millions?

Chaired by:

Kate Bulkley, Media Journalist


James DuBern, Director of Programming, Current TV (UK)

Jon Godel, Editor ITN ON (UK)

DK, founder of Mediasnackers.com

Simon Marsh, senior development director Guerrilla (UK)


John Morrell, consultant

More information about the conference can be found on the Mediasnackers website here, and on the IBC website here


Kate is co-Chair of Rapid TV's 2017 Broadcasting Conference: The Shape of European Broadcasting to come on Sept 27, 2007 at Bafta in London.


Kate Bulkley, media journalist and columnist

Speakers include:

Silvio Scalglia , Founder and Chairman of Babelgum

Justin Bovington, CEO, Rivers Run Red

David Day, CEO Europe, Lightspeed Research

Suranga Chandratillake, CEO, Blinkx

Kip Meek, Managing Director, Ingenious Media

Erik Huggers, Group Controller, BBC Future Media and Technology

Giles Rhys Jones, Director Interactive, Ogilvy

Tess Alps, CEO, Think Box

Bill Scott, IBM Leader, Direct to Consumer, Media and Entertainment

Kate Marsh, Director Entertainment Europe, GroupM

Ziv Navoth, VP Marketing, BEBO

Bill Tancer, Head of Global Research, Hitwise

Tim Suter, Partner Content & Standards, Ofcom

Ed Pettit, Head of TV and Digital, Guerrilla

Mark Selby, head of multimedia, Nokia

Patrick Parodi, head of MEF and amobee mobile

and more.


Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. 25th August 2007.

Lisa Opie

Lisa Opie

Kate interviewed Lisa Opie, MD of content at Five on Saturday 25th August at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. The sesson was at 15:30 in The Sidlaw Level 3 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lisa Opie was appointed Managing Director of Content in December. She has overseen the acquisition of the popular soap Neighbours away from the BBC, and says she wants to strengthen the channel's factual programming, increase the channel's entertainment output and deliver the best in US drama. But after ten years, and with a slipping audience share - what is the channel's distinct vision. And how does it define itself in the terrestrial and digital market.


Kate Bulkley, media journalist and columnist

Executive Producers:

Kavita Puri, Programme Producer, BBC Newsnight

Lucy Stylianou, Commercial Affairs Manager, Channel 4


Sarah Baines, Head of Acquisitions & Digital Media, Paramount Comedy

Joanna Shields

Joanna Shields

Kate also moderated a second session on Saturday 25th with Joanna Shields, President, international Bebo at 11.00 in The Tinto, Level 0

From the creators of Lonelygirl15 and Bebo comes KateModern, the first spin-off from the world's most popular interactive drama. As the UK's only serial drama played out in real time on the internet where viewers can influence the plotline, KateModern tells the story of four young adults searching for their personal identity in the setting of a mystery that unfolds across the internet and through the streets of London.


Kate Bulkley, media journalist and columnist


Lisa Baker, MGEITF Press Director, PagetBaker PR


Joanna Shields, President, International Bebo


Showcomotion 4-6 July Sheffield, UK

The Showcomotion Children's Media Conference is the UK's premier conference for the children's media industry. It's the only time in the UK when independent producers, broadcasters, film makers, commissioners and freelancers can get together for two full days of discussions, screenings, workshops and intensive sessions which focus on all the new and future developments in children's media.

Kate will be chairing the opening session on 5 July.


8.30am–7pm Registration Open

9.30–11am The Future of Quality Children’s Media

Chaired by Kate Bulkley, Journalist

Keynote: Jana Bennett (BBC Vision).


Senior industry and regulatory figures discuss the prospects for kids’ media production in the UK.

Sponsored by Barcud Derwen – Investing in facilities, investing in production


Keynote Interviews on June 5, 2007 at 9:20 am at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo

Conducted by Kate Bulkley, Freelance Journalist

Peter Bazalgette, CCO, Endemol

Vincenzo Novari, CEO, h3g

John McMahon, President & MD, Sony Pictures Television International

Joanna Shields, President, International, Bebo


The Role of the Media in Contemporary Childhood

Tuesday, 15th May 2007 10am - 4.30pm at London Zoo, London NW1

At 11:45 am to 13:00pm Kate will Chair the session:

Why the Right Television is Important


Kate Bulkley, Freelance Journalist


Anna Home OBE, Chief Executive, Children's Film & Television Foundation

Michael Raftery, Hansard Society, Citizen Education Manager

Pat Deakin, National Trustee & Chair of Editorial Board, The Townswomen s Guild

Richard Rule, Head Teacher, Pluckley Church of England Primary School, Kent; & National Steering Group Member, Special Schools & Academies Trust

Other Speakers at the event are:

Professor Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics Department of Media & Communications

James Thickett, Ofcom, Director of Ofcom's 2007 Review of Children's Television & Head of Market Intelligence

David Kleeman, Director, American Centre for Children & Media

John Whittingdale MP, Chair of Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee

Richard Deverell, Controller of BBC Children's Programmes

Anne Wood CBE, Founder & Creative Director, Ragdoll Productions

For more information click here


Kate moderated two sessions at MipTV in Cannes, France on Monday 16 April 2007


Superpanel: TV’s Burning Issues (15.45 – 17.00, Esterel)

This session focused on the key trends that are changing the business of television today. With the disruption of current business models through time- and place-shifting, peer-to-peer distribution and the migration of advertising dollars to the Internet, it discussed what these changes mean for traditional broadcasters, programme makers and advertisers and what their vision of the future might be.


Kate Bulkley


Jason Hirschhorn, President, Sling Entertainment Group (USA)

Guillaume de Posch, Chief Executive Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG (Germany)

Eric Schrier, SVP of Original Programming, FX Network (USA)

Thomas Strerath, CEO, OgilvyOne Worldwide Germany, (Germany)

Christiane Zu Salm, Founder & CEO, About Change Ventures GmbH (Germany)

A podcast of the panel can be found using the links below:

Click Here for the audio stream and here for the video stream.

Wednesday 18th April: Kate also interviewed Jana Bennett: Director of BBC Vision, and Ashley Highfield: Director of Future Media & Technology

(17.30 –18.30, Esterel)

"Content 360 and the Future of Media "

In this Innovation Keynote, two of BBC's leading drivers for content and future media technology will take us through BBC's unique processes for development of new entertainment programmes and cross-media content. Jana Bennett, Director of BBC Vision, showed how the newly-restructured BBC Vision integrates multi-platform thinking into BBC's visual content creation and commissioning process.

Ashley Highfield, Director of Future Media and Technology, took the audience through the process of innovation at the BBC, in particular, its online development over the next five years - dubbed BBC 2.0 - including the proposed BBC iPlayer and the recently announced content deal with YouTube.

A podcast of the keynote speeches can be found using the links below:

Click Here for the audio stream and here for the video stream.

For more information see the Miptv website. The conferences section can be found here


Kate moderated at the Rapid TV conference TV; This Time it's Personal on Tuesday April 24 2007


You Get What You Pay For

As video-on-demand services proliferate, subscribers will increasingly build their own schedules, either through their multichannel platform or Broadband Internet. How are mainstream broadcasters reacting to this change and will library channels continue to thrive in the linear format?


Kate Bulkley

10.00 - KEYNOTE:

Tom Toumazis, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Buena Vista International Television EMEA

10.15-11.00 – PANEL SESSION

Chris Dennis, CEO, Rapid Broadcast Ltd

Tom Toumazis, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Buena Vista International Television EMEA

Niall Curran, Chief Operating Officer, Chellomedia Services

For more information click here.



Look Who's Talking Now

Tuesday 13 February 2007 6.45pm - 8.15pm Cavendish Conference Centre. RTS early evening


Arash Amel, Head of Broadband Digital Media, Screen Digest

Danny Cohen, Head of E4 & Factual Entertainment, Channel 4

Mark Goldman, COO, Current TV

Alex Mahon, MD, Shine


Kate Bulkley, Independent Journalist

Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews London W1G 9DT

For information, click here.

User-Generated Content is the latest web phenomenon with sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Bebo attracting millions of users and sky-high valuations, and its influence is now spreading to broadcast television.

Former US Vice President Al Gore is backing Current TV, a UGC site and TV channel that launches in the UK in March, and Channel 4 has plans to turn E4.com into a standalone social networking site which will include online auditions for Big Brother. BSkyB also has plans to launch its own UGC site, in partnership with Google, which recently paid $1.6billion for YouTube. MySpace.com, owned by News Corp., is the most-visited UGC site in the UK with 6.2 million monthly users (and nearly 80 million registered users worldwide), according to recent research from ComScore, but so far all the social networking/UGC sites are struggling to find commercially-viable revenue models. Can the exploitation of synergies between online and broadcast help to turn ratings into profit?

This session brought together senior executives from the UK and the US to discuss how the TV and content landscape is changing, and who's going to make money from it.

To see a Mediasnackers vodcast made at the event, click here.

Kate's take on the RTS UGC Look Who's Talking Now panel session that she moderated on Feb 13 2007. Courtesy of Mediasnackers.com click here to view.


Kate moderated two sessions at the MIPCOM TV Market in Cannes, France from 9 to 13 October 2006

Digital Distribution SuperPanel 1. 11.00am-12.00pm, Oct 10, 2006. The Strategic Impact on Existing Business and Release Windows & New Opportunities for Film & TV

With over 50% penetration rates in most markets, the broadband boom is in full force around the world.Young audiences want content in digital form and they would rather download their entertainment to their laptops or mobile devices than go to the cinema or watch TV. Movie downloads, internet TV channels and digital asset management are permanently on studio heads' minds. Release windows are changing, namely narrowing down or reversing, and innovative producers and studios are adjusting the way they do business, to be ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

This first of two SuperPanels, took an in depth look at the strategic impact as well as the threats and opportunities emerging from Digital Distribution for Film and TV content in the coming 6 to 12 months.


Martin BLAKSTAD Head of New Media - Granada International

Simon CALVER CEO - LOVEFiLM International - United Kingdom

Marcus ENGLER Member of the Executive Board ProSiebenSat.1Media AG / Managing Director SevenOne Intermedia - ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG - Germany

Ashwin NAVIN President & Co-Founder - BitTorrent Inc. - USA

Rick SANDS Chief Operating Officer - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

On Wednesday 11 October, Kate interviewed Sanjiv Ahuja, CEO Orange

"The Pocket-Sized Entertainment Centre"

The head of Europe's biggest integrated operator has clearly stated that television and TV content is at the heart of Orange's strategy. During his keynote address Sanjiv Ahuja shared his vision of mobile entertainment's tremendous potential, and explored the opportunities offered by mobile broadband in the always-on, anytime, any place era. He also focused on how convergence is set to re-shape the international content market by making it far easier for customers to buy, keep, manage and watch any of their content via any screen or platform via their pocket-sized entertainment centre.

For more information see the Mipcom.com website. The conferences section can be found here


Kate chaired two sessions at this year's IBC. On Thursday Sept 7 at 9:30 to 11 am

Multimedia - More media or more services?


Kumu Puri , Partner, Accenture Communications & High Tech Strategy, USA

Andre Mika , Director, Current Programming and Production, AOL, USA

Tony Ageh , Controller, internet, BBC

Media, technology and customers are in full evolution. Traditional broadcasting organisations are active in more and more media. New media opportunities are appearing - for gaming, broadband internet, user generated content, podcasting, mobile, and more. New services are offered - PVR, On Demand, interactivity, etc.

Do broadcast organisations have to follow this trend? Do they have to evolve from radio and television to more media or to more services? A panel helped you to decide.

There were presentations and panelists from a broadcasting company, an international media production company and the gaming industry.

For more details, click here

And on Saturday Sept 9 at 9:30 to 11 am

MOBILITY - role of content and what works in mobile TV


Mark Selby , VP - Multimedia , Nokia (keynote on Mobile TV around the world)

Daniel Kim , CEO Ontimetek (update on Mobile TV in Korea)

H. Mittermayr , VP , Alcatel Mobile Broadcast (options for Satellite delivery)

Stella Creasey , Head of Audience Research BBC (customer viewpoint)

This introductory session and keynote explored some of the international activities around the world and how the world of Mobile TV has developed in the last 12 months.

For more details, click here


Kate moderated the final session of Showcomotion (www.showcomotion.co.uk) on July 8 2006 in Sheffield.

Showcomotion "as it happens" in new-media marketeer DK's on-the-spot unofficial blog of the sessions, issues, personalities and gossip from this year's conference.

Kate speaking to Mediasnackers blogger DK at the conference. Click here or here.

The session

The session


Jonathan Boseley, Executive Director, Programming, Disney Channel UK, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East

Anne Gilchrist, Creative Director, CBBC

Anne Brogan, Controller, ITV Productions, Kids

Howard Litton, SVP, General Manager & Director of Channels, Nickelodeon UK

Billy Macqueen, Managing Director, Darrall Macqueen

Gary Pope, Partner, Kids Industries

Session Producers:

Greg Childs, Childseye

Madeline Wiltshire, Libra Television

Sponsored by:

Cosgrove Hall Films

So Farewell Then...

So, did broadcast TV die in 2006? Will the new gatekeepers take control of kids’ media consumption – or will the kids themselves exercise choice, seek out quality, and create their own media experiences? What are the prospects for quality TV for kids in the UK under the new regulatory, financial and structural regimes? And what can the kids’ media industry do to protect UK production as the pressures mount?

For more details, click here


Kate produced Day Two of Broadcast Live and chaired the top session at 10.30am.


Jeff Henry , CEO, ITV Consumer

David Muir , CEO, The Channel at WPP Group

Noel Matthews, CTO, Enhanced TV Tandberg Television

The big picture tuning out - who will be the TV audience in 5 years?

A look at the changing viewing habits and delivery methods and how this is disrupting and creating new opportunities for content makers and broadcasters.

For more details, click here


Ashley Highfield, BBC Director of New Media & Technology

The BBC In The New Digital Age

23 May 2006. RTS early evening

Ashley Highfield, BBC Director of New Media & Technology, in conversation with Kate Bulkley

Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews London W1G 9DT

For information, click here.

Kate talks with Ashley Highfield, BBC Director of New Media & Technology

The BBC’s new media and technology arm run by Ashley Highfield has been both pioneering and provocative, with developments from interactive websites to internet players. But the BBC’s Creative Futures initiative brings his division centre stage.

In this special event, Ashley Highfield talked about his vision for new media going forward, the BBC iPlayer, and whether plans for bbc.co.uk 2.0 are likely to be anywhere near a public service version of MySpace.com.


Kate moderated two sessions at the TV Revenue 2006 conference on May 9, 2006 sponsored by TV Conferences.

The session at 9:40 am: Defining the Territory: Taking the Professionals View

How will the numbers add up and what will be the take-up of individual technologies. Can past performance be an indicator of future growth or does at least one high profile launch face an embarrassing climbdown?

Left to right is David Elstein, John Binks, Sarah Simon, Dr David Lewis, Peter Cochrane (and Kate)


Prof. Peter Cochrane OBE, co-founder, Concept LabsEnrico Saggese (Click here to view his speech).

Dr David Lewis , author, Soul of the New Consumer (Click here to view his speech)

John Binks , director, GfKAstra (Click here to view his speech)

Sarah Simon , media equity analyst, Morgan Stanley (Click here to view her and Kate in discussion)

The session at 2.30pm: New Revenues – What’s Next?

New television formats and delivery methods bring with them new challenges. TV subscriptions are traditionally paid for by the head of the household, so will younger audience attracted by short form programming, and juggling busy lifestyles, be willing to pay for content or should other funding mechanisms be explored. Can interactive services continue to thrive and which formats are the most lucrative?

left to right Graham Pittman, Cat Tate, Carter Pilcher, Ray deRenzo (and Kate)


Ray Derenzo , VP, Business Development EMEA, MobiTV

Carter Pilcher , Chief Executive, Britshorts/Shorts International

Cat Tate , Business Director New Creative Content, Red Bee Media

Graham Pitman , Director, European Television Guild

For more details, click here


Kate chaired a Women in Technology panel on April 26, 2006 in London in the run-up to the Blackberry Women in Technology

The Panel

Karen Price, As CEO of the government backed eSkills, Price is instrumental in pushing for change at a grassroots level, addressing issues such as the gender divide - with increasing initiatives to get more girls interested in IT.

Jackie Edwards , A lecturer at De Montfort University, Jackie won the overall BlackBerry Women & Technology 2005 award for her initiative Women's Access to Information Technology, her dedication to making technology accessible to women from across the community makes Jackie stand out from the academic field. She has a can-do attitude and believes in no class or gender barriers. She's an inspiration in making academia accessible through technology.

Dr Glenda Stone , Glenda is the founder and CEO of Aurora, an organisation which exists so that women-owned businesses succeed and women's corporate careers flourish.

Rachel Elnaugh , After starting her working life as an office junior, Rachel founded her first business Red Letter Days in 1989 at the age of just 24. By 2002 Rachel was being feted by the Press and won an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Her appearance on BBC’s cult business show Dragons’ Den shot her into the public eye in early 2005, the only woman on the panel of five Dragons.

For more details, click here


Kate Chaired the am conference on April 5 at Mip-TV, Cannes, France

Convergence of Telecoms & Broadcasting: Who Will Be In Control ?

With the growing power of broadband and wireless networks, telecommunications companies are aggressively grabbing key sports and entertainment rights to position themselves in the high-stakes media business. BT TV has signed a deal with Endemol for "enhanced" content as well as with Paramount and Warner Music. Telecommunications operators, such as Telecom Italia and France Telecom are joining their fixed line and wireless divisions, so that IPTV services sit alongside of its mobile TV services. Meanwhile, Pay TV operators are devising new strategies to compete against the telcos' emerging power. In this landscape where Telcos, pay-TV operators and broadcasters are vying for power, who will control the customer relationships? What is the future of Pay-TV in a broadband world where VOD is ramping up? What is the future of telecommunications in this new landscape where media plays a key role?


Peter Bazalgette , - CCO, Endemol Group

Hervé Payan - , Senior Vice President Partnership and Services, Groupe France Telecom

Erik Huggers - , Senior Director, Microsoft

Dan Marks - , CEO, BT TV

Shane O'Neill - , Chief Strategy Officer & President Chello Media, Liberty Global

Roma Khanna - , Senior Vice President, Content, CHUM Television

For information, click here


Kate chaired Broadcast's Creating Long-term Value in TV conference on March 3, 2006 in London.

For information, click here


Kate moderated the morning of the 3rd European HDTV Summit on Feb 16, 2006.

100 Days, Are we there yet?

2006 was expected to 'the year of HD' before 2005 was half through. However, the trickle of HDTV announcements has turned into a flood, and by the end of 2006 viewers will be enjoying HD services in Germany, the Benelux, France, UK/Ireland, Italy, Austria, and Scandinavia. Someone has to be the pioneer, and the first mainstream HD channels were from Sat1/Pro7 in Germany (on October 26). We ask what is the verdict so far? How did Premiere fare launching HD to a country still widely satisfied by analogue? What has been the experience/expectation of other existing and imminent HD broadcasters? Are the programme libraries available? Is HD production an evolutionary or revolutionary step? Is the reception equipment effective, and available? What has been the reaction of the viewers and subscribers? Crucially, how many people have now got it, or even want it? Crucially, is free-to-air the way to go, or has pay-TV the edge? Has Europe finally 'gone HD' and what are its prospects over the next few years.

Moderator: Kate Bulkley, Media and Telecoms Journalist

  • Keynote Presentation: Alexander Oudendijk, Senior Vice-president and Chief Commercial Officer, SES-Astra (Luxembourg)

The Analyst's View



New Media: The Fight for Rights

9 February 2006. RTS early evening

Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews London W1G 9DT

For information, click here.

the New Media Rights fight panel --RTS from right to left Kate Bulkley, moderator Andy Duncan, CEO Channel 4 Jonathan Sykes, MD content at Home Choice Alex Graham, CEO Wall to Wall Justin Judd, founder i-Rights

The New Media Rights fight panel --RTS from right to left Kate Bulkley, moderator Andy Duncan, CEO Channel 4 Jonathan Sykes, MD content at Home Choice Alex Graham, CEO Wall to Wall Justin Judd, founder i-Rights

Producers make programmes for broadcasters, but with technologies like IPTV and mobile video there are increasingly other ways for audiences to view these programmes. The question is: who should be allowed to exploit these new media rights, broadcasters or producers, or some combination of the two? Producers say they own the rights to the programmes they make and should be able to exploit them in the new media. Broadcasters warn that allowing the programmes they commission to be shown extensively on new media platforms will undermine their businesses.

Media regulator Ofcom publishes its initial thinking in a January consultation paper. Is there a way of resolving the differences, or is all out war inevitable? Hear how the two sides are lining up and how the arguments could impact on the businesses of broadcasters, producers and platform owners.

the New Media Rights fight panel --RTS from right to left Kate Bulkley, moderator Andy Duncan, CEO Channel 4 Jonathan Sykes, MD content at Home Choice Alex Graham, CEO Wall to Wall Justin Judd, founder i-Rights


Kate Bulkley


Andy Duncan, Channel 4

Alex Graham , Pact and Wall to Wall

Jonathan Sykes , Managing Director,Content Strategy. Home Choice.

Justin Judd , founder and co-mananging director of i-rights, digital content licensing and distribution company


Kate spoke at The Regent Conference 2006 - Creating profit in the markets ahead as convergence and global resourcing apply their influence

Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, London W1J 7BX

Feb 8 2006.

Convergence between information technology, telecommunications, electronic media and content has long been talked about and is now starting to have an impact. Some estimates predict that it will lead to a $1 trillion shift in valuations and revenues by 2010.

The opportunity to gain competitive advantage requires not only strong and effective management but also forward-looking, flexible corporate strategies.

It is therefore vital that UK organisations understand how the sector is evolving and are in a strong position to capitalise on the opportunities that will arise.

Now in its 11th year, the Regent Conference provides the opportunity to learn from some of the world's most prominent industry authorities and offers a forum to exchange ideas, practical experiences and knowledge with like-minded professionals to determine the key factors shaping the industry landscape.


HDTV: Killer or Niche Market?

Jana Bennett OBE, BBC

Richard Freudenstein, BSkyB

Neil Gaydon, Pace Micro Technology

Pat Younge, Discovery USA

Chaired By Kate Bulkley rts early evening – 8 November 2005

“It blows your mind,” says BSkyB’s James Murdoch. The picture quality is “like going from black & white to colour” says David Hill of DirecTV in the US.

The UK is streets behind Japan, South Korea and the US. American viewers will have 16.5m HDTV sets in use by Christmas and 48m by 2010. The UK forecast is for just 2.6m HD sets by 2010.

Early in 2006 Sky will launch a package of HD channels, adding to the seven dedicated HD channels that will be available in Europe by then. But will HD ever be more than a niche market? Why should producers care? How do broadcasters benefit? And will viewers really be blown away?

Tuesday 8 November 2005

Session: 6.45pm - 8.15pm

Cavendish Conference Centre

22 Duchess Mews, London, W1

See www.rts.org.uk for info


Wi-Fi Business Development Summit

IBM Forum

October 26-27, 2005

Kate chaired day one of the Wi-Fi Business Development Summit at the IBM Forum in Milan. Italy on October 26-27, 2005.

For more information, click here.


The Business of Mobile TV - Global Market Status of Mobile TV and a Taste of the Models That Work

IBC, at the RAI Centre Amsterdam

Sept. 8-12 2005

Saturday 10 September at 09.30am to 11 am

For information, click here.

Traditional business models of linear TV, "free to air" , subscription and advertising supported programmes may all be challenged by Mobile TV . Questions to be addressed should include the Market status of Mobile TV internationally , a flavour of the models that work today , and some of the evolutionary examples from around the world of Text TV, Participation TV and cellular or Mobile TV. Issues around pricing, quality, storage for time shifting and preferred types of Content will all be addressed.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist and Commentator - UK


Dermot Nolan, TBS, UK

Steinar Braendeland , EVP / General Manager Mobile Response The Mobile Media Company AS Norway

Ray De Renzo , Business Development MobiTV USA


Euroconsult's World Satellite Business Conference Sept 6-8 2005

Euroconsult's World Satellite Business Conference Sept 6-8 2005.

Hotel Intercontinental, Paris, France

Kate moderated the opening panel on the second day.

The Panel was called Prospects for European Satellite Operators and was sponsored by ESOA (European Satellite Operators Association).

Euroconsult's World Satellite Business Conference Sept 6-8 2005. (click image for larger version) Euroconsult's World Satellite Business Conference Sept 6-8 2005. (Click image for larger version)
Euroconsult's World Satellite Business Conference Sept 6-8 2005. (Click image for larger version) photos courtesy of Euroconsult











Speakers included:

Enrico Saggese, CEO, Telespazio

Osman Dur, Chairman & CEO, Turksat

Alexander Oudendijk, SVP & Chief Commercial Officer, SES Astra

Pascual Mendez, Strategy and Development Director, Hispasat

Cato Halsaa, Managing Director, Telenor

For information, click here.

Contact ESOA at : www.esoa.net.


European HDTV Conference  (June 7 2005)

European HDTV Conference (June 7 2005)

Cinéma Utopolis, Luxembourg.

Distributing HDTV: Enriching the TV Viewer’s Experience and Building the Economics

For information, click here.


Kate Bulkley, Media Journalist


Ferdinand Kayser, President & CEO, SES Astra

Georg Kofler, CEO, Premiere

Joseph Guegan, EVP, CTO, Groupe Canal+

Doron Hacmon, SVP, Strategic Marketing, UPC



Olympia Conference Hall 2, Hammersmith Road London

Wednesday 20 April 2005


For information, click here.

11.20 New locations, new applications

Moderator: Kate Bulkley, Media Journalist

Speakers will each present a case study of PWLAN rollout, applications and take-up across location types. The case studies will be followed by a 20-minute panel discussion

11.20 Why the integrated Wi-Fi / cellular strategy works best Phil Chapman, UK Marketing Director, T-Mobile

11.30 Latest survey of the rail industry Magnus McEwen-King, CEO, Broadreach Networks

11.40 Securing venues in Russia Patrick O’Dolan, Managing Director, MoscomNet

11.50 The evolution of hotel hotspots Brian Pratt, Vice President eCommerce and Customer Technology, Starwood EMEA

12.00 Enhanced PWLAN offerings for enterprise customers George Polk, CEO, The Cloud

12.10 Interconnecting high value locations worldwide Troy Simoni, CEO, Quiconnect with Mark Brigman, Sprint,

12.25 Airport Wi-Fi Applications Joe Beatty, CEO, Concourse Communications

12.35 Auto-provisioned Hotspot-in-a-box, a fast and cost-effective way of rolling out Massimo Fatato, CEO Europe, Gemtek Systems

12.45 Q&A


Triple Play Strategies of Leading Broadband Operators

Miptv 2005 in Cannes, France

13 Apr 2005

Esterel, Level 5 of the Palais

For information, click here.

Telephone companies, cable and IPTV operators are putting billions into upgrading their networks for the digital delivery of content. By 2008 there will be an estimated 111 million digital TV homes in Europe, including digital satellite, digital terrestrial, digital cable and broadband. Most European governments plan to switch off analogue TV transmissions in the next 6 to eight years. The networks are digitising so how will operators as well as content companies make money? For cable operators like Comcast and UGC it is about the triple play of selling TV. telephone and broadband. BT in the UK realises that broadband is a more significant revenue stream going forward than voice caliing and the telephone giant is just launching its new entertainment unit. Hollywood studios are also getting serious about video on demand services in Europe. This panel will look at how these players plan to use digital technology to deliver more services from VOD to voice over IP to IPTV.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist and Commentator - UK


Ty AHMAD-TAYLOR, Senior Director, New Business Development, Comcast Cable Corp - USA

Andrew BURKE , CEO BT Entertainment BT Entertainment - UK

Tony KELLY , CEO - Ondemand Group, Ondemand Group - UK

Shane O'NEILL, Chief Strategy Officer & President , the Chellomedia division of UnitedGlobalCom - UK

Thomas STANEKER , Marketing Director , Alcatel - Belgium


TV 2 Go

On April 4 2005 kate moderated an early evening event for the RTS called TV 2 Go.

Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews London W1G 9DT

For information, click here.

The RTS Panel (photograph by 160 Characters)

The RTS Panel (photograph by 160 Characters)

The mobile phone is in transition from being a simple communications tool to becoming a mobile entertainment device. As mobile network operators roll out more sophisticated 3G networks, a key killer application is mobile video, which represents a significant opportunity for TV companies and content producers.

TV 2 GO brings together several of the most significant players to talk about what they are doing and what their plans are going forward. Vodafone began offering short “mobisodes” of US drama 24 to UK mobile customers earlier this year. Nokia and the BBC are part of a recently launched and pioneering TV to mobile trial in Oxford and Yoomedia Mobile (formerly Whoosh) has developed a Who Wants to be a Millionaire mobile application that is bringing in significant revenues.

TV 2 GO is a rough guide for producers about what the current opportunities are in mobile multimedia; how the business models are being set up; and how to engage with mobile operators.


Kate Bulkley, Journalist and Commentator - UK


David Bainbridge, Yoomedia Mobile

Graeme Ferguson, Vodafone Global Content Services

Angel Gambino, BBC New Media


Kate at the HDTV Summit

Kate at the HDTV Summit

The 2nd European HDTV Summit

BAFTA, London, March 17th, 2005

For information and registraton: www.tvconferences.com.

The prospects for widespread adoption of High Definition Television in Europe are now beginning to be recognised. TV Conferences has drawn together its second high-profile summit conference to examine all aspects of Europe's transition to HDTV. The HDTV Summit will also have some surprises by way of VIP speakers, of stunning demonstrations, and a major contribution from Hollywood. Join the Party... or Miss the Boat!


Kate Bulkley, Media and Telecoms Journalist


The HDTV Summit

The HDTV Summit

Alexander Oudendijk, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, SES ASTRA

Phil Laven, Technical Director, European Broadcasting Union

David Gillies, Director of Technology, Pace Micro Technology

FACT: European HDTV is now seen as unstoppable. Major commitments to HD broadcasting in 2005/06 have been made in the UK, France and Germany.


Digital TV: The Next Steps

BAFTA, London, December 1, 2004

For information and registraton: www.tvconferences.com.

Kate moderated two sessions:

The Big Squeeze: To Shannon and back - Who will win the Codec battle?

There’s a huge battle taking place between MPEG-4/Pt.10 and Microsoft’s WM9/VC9 compression codecs. Which will win? Can the MPEG licensing problems be resolved? We also ask where does this leave legacy equipment devoted to MPEG-2? This conference will also examine whether HDTV has any future for existing MPEG-2-based broadcasters, and whether the theoretical ‘Shannon Limits’ for compression have now been reached.

Moderator: Kate Bulkley, Media and Telecoms Journalist


Peter MacAvock, Executive Director, DVB

Mark Wardle, Director Technology and Operations, BT Broadcast Services

Tim Sheppard, Director of Strategic Partnerships, TANDBERG Television

Sebastian Moeritz, President, MPEGIF


Under Lock and Key - Card or Cardless?

Protecting content through encryption is increasingly the norm. How far might this be extended within the home? What advances in conditional access will maintain the security of premium programming? Hollywood wants programming ‘flags’ to gain widespread use: how can file sharing be prevented from circumventing rights windows or is it already too late? What are the differences between smart card technology for the set-top box and the telephone? Indeed, will the smart card even survive?

Moderator: Kate Bulkley, Media and Telecoms Journalist


Carmi Bogot, Vice President, Business Development, NDS

Graham Kill, CEO, Irdeto Access

Jeremy Thorp, CEO, Latens


Global End Game: UK Meets the Real World

Kate moderated a session at the Royal Televison Society International Conference, London on Sept 29 2004 with a keynote from Bob Iger, COO of The Walt Disney Co.

Session Four: UK & the World – Can Small Still Be Beautiful? Where does Britain's TV business stand in the emerging global economy? Content, channels, platforms: which is the best bet? Hear from three leading players in the field: Tony Cohen of FremantleMedia, Rupert Gavin of BBC Worldwide and Simon Duffy of ntl.

Chair: Kate Bulkley

Panel: Tony Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, FremantleMedia

Simon Duffy, Chief Executive Officer, ntl

Rupert Gavin, BBC Worldwide

Producers: Steve Hewlett, Robin Paxton and Mike Phillips

See the www.rts.org.uk website for more information and registration.


12th September 2004

IBC in Amsterdam

Kate chaired a panel called "Future Business Models: Beyond the :30 Second Spot" at IBC in Amsterdam on Sunday September 12th at 16.00.

Mark Boyd, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, UK

Patrick Parodi, Mobile Entertainment Forum, France

Anthony Greenberg, Ramp Rate, USA

Steven Canepa, IBM Global Media & Entertainment Industry, USA

Chair: Kate Bulkley

Just like when we were told the CD (and more recently the music download) would kill music purchasing and the DVD would keep people from going to the cinema, at the dawn of the age of the PVR people were telling us that it would bring about the death of the 30-second advertisement and with it, deliver a body blow to the TV business. Well, the media have changed for sure, but not as quickly as first expected. Someone has to pay for content – be it songs, Hollywood movies or documentaries on Sea Lions and there are many questions about how the business models will need to change to cope with Digital Lifestyle products like the PVR. Pioneering companies are realising that there is a lot of value in licensing content beyond the sale of the TV/Film/Song. Our panel of experts will look at some of the clever ways to ensure someone does pay for content and have some real-life examples like targeted & personalised advertising, branded content, parallel advertising channels, interactive applications and character licensing, among others. The delivery of content to new platforms like mobile also opens up potential additional revenue streams. The traditional broadcast TV business model may be under threat, but there is revenue beyond the 30-second spot.

Check it out at: www.ibc.org


August 28, 2004


Strand - Controller on Controller

14:00 - 15:00 Venue - Sidlaw

Kate chaired a discussion with Walt Disney ABC's Andrea Wong at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International TV Festival. The MGEITF ran from Friday the 27 2004 to Sunday the 29th August in Edinburgh, Scotland. Wong is the executive vice president of alternative programming specials and late night for ABC Entertainment.

What works and what doesn’t for ABC and what are the latest programming trends in the US? How does ABC differentiate itself from the competition? Andrea Wong gives us an insight into how to approach the networks and deliver a successful pitch.

Producer: Debra Johnson, FremantleMedia

Panellist: Andrea Wong, ABC Television

Chair: Kate Bulkley

Check it out at: www.mgeitf.co.uk


January 22, 2004

BAFTA, Piccadilly, London

Kate moderated the opening session at Strategies for a Successful Channel Launch

Producer: TV Conferences

For more information click this link: www.tvconferences.com


Wednesday 5 November, 2003

Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews, London, W1

Kate produced and moderated Video Napster? Is the Internet going to steal your programming and your audience?

rts early evening

We’ve been here before. It happened to the music business, led by the free music download site Napster. Despite legal efforts in the US against Napster and others (including individual consumers), global music sales are still falling – some 11% in the first half of this year – and a big part of the problem is internet piracy. As broadband speeds increase on PC’s, the ease of downloading episodes of The Simpsons or the latest Bond film becomes as easy as downloading a song, just a matter of minutes rather than hours. Does the TV and film business face the same fate as the music business?

Come and hear from a panel of concerned experts and concerned players about the threat and possible solutions for the TV and film business against the Napster effect.

David Chance, Chairman, MTG

Talal Shamoon, CEO, Intertrust

Rob Semaan, CEO 321 Studios

Paul Higginson, VP Finance & Business Affairs, Twentieth Century Fox

Paul Jessop, Chief of Technology, IFPI

Chair: Kate Bulkley

See the website: http://www.rts.org.uk/


Sept 30 to Oct 1, 2003


Kate was the conference rapporteur (replacing Andrew Davis of the FT) for the Royal Institute of International Affairs 34th annual conference on media and telecoms called "After the Fallout"

The impressive lineup included Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone, Jana Bennett, Dir of TV BBC, Lord David Currie, Chairman of OFCOM, Ben Verwaayen, CEO BT, plus many more.

See the website: http://www.riia.org/Click 'conferences' then click on "After the Fallout".


September 11-15, 2003

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Kate moderated at IBC 2003 (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during the Digital Lifestyles Day on Sept. 12. The session was on business, production and legal issues involved with the digitalisation of media content.

The digitisation of media is likely to have an affect on the creation and distribution of media - broadcast will change. With what some may feel are threats, there are also new production opportunities for significantly more focused TV channels.

If the PVR becomes the norm, it will change the way that people structure their TV viewing. Alongside the convenience of time-shifting programs, comes the reality that advertising can be skipped. How will the advertiser and broadcaster react to this?

With perfect digital copies of content potentially being made available to everyone, media owners have serious concerns about the duplication of their content. We explore all of these issues.


Kate Bulkley, Media Journalist, UK


Michael McEwen, North American Broadcasters Association, Canada

Mark Cullen, enteraction TV, UK

John Enser, Olswang, UK

Stephen Claypole, dma-media, UK

See the website:www.ibc.org.

A java presentation of the Kate's opening of the Digital Lifestyles day can be found by clicking here.


August 22nd-24th 2003

Edinburgh, Scotland

Kate moderated at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival

Her session was called The Big Gamble Will the Marriage of TV and Betting on TV Hit the Jackpot?

With an annual turnover in the UK of some £42 billion, gambling is big business. Now iTV technology and new legislation means betting on the telly comes one step closer. Leisure company powerhouses from Littlewoods Gaming to Rank are jumping into TV betting. But what is the best way to marry betting and TV? What new programme formats will entice the audience to fancy a flutter? Our panel will look at what's working and where this fast-developing new market is going. TV Today sponsored by Hallmark


Debbie Mason. Managing Director, Avago

Nick Rust. Managing Director, Sky Bet

Jonathan Webb. Controller, Trouble & Challenge, Flextech Television

Peter Cowley. Director of Interactive Media, Endemol UK

Martin Graham-Scott. Managing Director, Fancy a Flutter


Kate Bulkley. Media Journalist


Richard Daws. Director, Victoria Real

See the website:www.mgeitf.co.uk .


E-event: 9th April, 2003. 6.45-8.15pm

Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Cavendish Mews, London NW1


Debbie Mason, managing director, Avago

Nick Rust, managing director, SkyBet

Jonathan Webb, director of interactive programming and challenge controller, Flextech

Ian Hogg, COO attheraces PLC

There is already a lot of gambling going on using the remote control. From Avago's TV bingo-like game to betting on horses with Channel 4's attheraces, to having a flutter on football at Ladbroke's iTV service, there is ample opportunity for couch potatoes to bet.

This RTS looked at how gambling on iTV is shaping up and how it looks to fare in the face of the government's new bill on gambling, expected to be ready for the next parliament. Is gambling the new revenue hop for iTV.

See the website:www.rts.org.


3rd-4th April, 2003

Cologne, Germany

Kate moderated the Promax 2003 conference.

Promax is the annual get to gether of the creative TV on-air promotions business.

See the website:promax.org/conf_europe03.asp  for information.


Wednesday 26th March, 2003

2:30-3:30 pm

Broadcasters’ Super Panel: The Future of TV Programming in a Cross-Platform World: How will TV Programming Need to Evolve to Keep its Central Role in Entertainment?:

A super panel of leading international broadcasting executives will take on the stage in this first kick-off session to discuss and debate how the future of entertainment will take shape in the light of all the changes affecting the media world, including the growth of wireless and broadband networks as new communication and entertainment medium in their own right. As mobile centric games, PVR’s and Broadband on-demand TV slowly change the relationship of audiences with their TV Sets, will the television program continue to occupy the center stage in entertainment? How will TV need to evolve to keep its central role in capturing audience attention?

Moderator: Kate BULKLEY, Business Journalist (UK)

Speakers: Stephen Andrew, Controller of Children's and Youth, CITV (UK) Ian McClelland, Sr. Producer, Cartoon Network Europe (UK) Joel BERGER, VP Consumer Communications, Member of the Board, MTV Networks GmbH & Co. OHG (Germany) Tanya FIELD, VP New Media, Discovery Networks Internatoinal (UK)

Simultaneous Translation: English / French

See the website:www.milia.com  for information.


15th-17th Oct, 2002

National Hall, Olympia, London, England.

Kate chaired the opening session on October 15, 2002 of the three-day BCE Conference.

See the website:www.broadband-convention.com  for information.


23rd - 25th Aug, 2002

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

Kate chaired the Fast Forward: TV Toys panel on Sunday August 25, 2002 at 2 pm

The panellists were:

  • Robert Marsh – Head of Telephony Development, Channel Four
  • Mark Cossey – Head of Development, BBC Fictionlab
  • Richard Daws – Chairman and Founder of Victoria Real

Check out the website for details at:http://www.geitf.co.uk/home.php.


Dow Jones & Co. 4th Annual European Media and Entertainment Summit

May 21-22, 2002

Savoy Hotel, London, England

Kate moderated the Dow Jones & Co. 4th Annual European Media and Entertainment Summit (Co-sponsored by PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

The Guardian's Dan Milmo reported on the conference's opening panel. Click here for the text.

"Here's a hot ticket event. Dow Jones and Pricewater-closet* Coopers are holding a European Media and Entertainment Summit in London next month in London. The speakers include Francois Carayol, chief executive of Canal Plus Technologies, and Abe Peled, feisty boss of the NDS group. As Canal Plus is currently suing NDS for a bucketload of cash for allegedly cracking its encrypted pay-TV cards and giving the code out through hacker websites, it could be a fun conference."

(City Diary, Guardian 1 May 2002) *The Guardian is taking the mickey out of consultants Price Waterhouse Coopers

See the website: Click Here for information.


Agenda Setters 2002

The top 50 most influential business leaders, technologists and politicos in the high-tech landscape. Kate was on the panel.

Watch the video... Click here (fast connection speeds) or here (slow connection speed)

  (Video is in Real Audio format. If you have trouble viewing it, then click on the link to the left to download Real Player.)

See the website: Click here for information.


Promax & BDA

Apr 8-9, 2002

Hotel Al-Andalus, Seville, Spain

Kate chaired Promax & BDA Europe (the annual European congress of promotion, design and marketing professionals in electronic media)

See the websites:www.promax.tv/europe and www.bda.tv/europe for information.


News World 2001 Barcelona

Nov 13-16, 2001

News World 2001 Barcelona

9.00am, Fri Nov 16, 2001.

Kate moderated the News Promotion Session .

See the website:www.newsworld.org for information.


Broadband Convention

Oct 16-18, 2001

BCE 2001 Broadband Communications Europe.

10.30am, Tues Oct 16, 2001. Olympia, London

Kate moderated the opening session.

See the website:www.broadband-convention.com for information.


The Royal Television Society

Sept 14-15, 2001

The RTS Cambridge Convention.

2.30pm, Sept 14, 2001

Kate Bulkley chaired a panel called "Temptations of Digital".

See the website:www.rts.org for information.


July 18, 2001

Live Event: Kate Bulkley interviewed Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, the world's largest advertising agency, at an RTS early evening event.

See the website:www.rts.org.


June 20, 2001

Live Event: Session Three in the Broadband Series:

The Money Pit

Presented by the Royal Television Society and Chaired by Kate Bulkley.

How do you make money building broadband content? What the experts think.

Speakers included:

Rob Love, Co-founder and CEO of Victoria Real , a ITV/mobile web agency. See www.victoriareal.com

Richard Glynn, CEO Sporting Index, a spread betting company. See www.sportingindex.com

See the website:www.rts.org.


Check out RTS early evening series. 6.45-8.15pm


66, Portland Place,

London, W1.



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